You’ve heard of microblading, you’ve attempted to get Cara Delevingne’s brows – and now, the latest trend in brow beauty is here, and it’s sure to suit everyone. Enter brow laminating…

I was very, very intrigued to hear about brow lamination. As someone who likes a big brow look but is also a fan of low key maintenance, a semi-permanent solution seemed ideal.

Brow lamination is a beauty trend fresh from Moscow, where the beauty and salon culture is huge.

The idea is to not add in hairs, but brush them all in the same direction and fix them there. The benefit of this is not only do eyebrows look groomed and tidy, but also much, much thicker, and they don’t move around. Results will last you 1 month.


The process starts with brushing your eyebrows and coating them with a treatment to make them softer and more flexible. This is covered in cling film for around 20 minutes while it sets. Residue is wiped off with a cotton pad.

They’re then brushed upwards so they’re all perfectly straight and in one direction. We play around with it in the mirror – you can choose if you want them all the way up and bushy, or slightly leaning to the side – the uniformity is key. The a second solution is applied, this one to ‘set’ the brows and keep them in place.

After that, a tint can be optionally added for the appearance of extra fullness and definition – and finally, some nourishing oil for hydration is swiped on.

Brow Lamination is a very natural treatment, and it can only work with what you’ve got rather than adding hairs, but with alleyebrow hairs pointing upwards (rather than all over the place!) your face somehow looks tidier, more pulled together, more open, and even, dare I say, thinner and more defined. There’s no doubt your brows look much, much bigger, and best of all, there’s zero maintenance for a month. It’s rare to find a new beauty trend I’m hooked on, but brow lamination really is a miracle blow dry for the brows.